Too many grocery bags laying around?

You can’t throw those things out anymore. They cost a precious $0.05 a piece these days. For as long as I can remember, my Dad has been folding up grocery bags ever so neatly and putting them away for future garbage use.

After I moved out I wanted to keep up the habit of the folded bags. I quickly lost patience.This is what our pile of empty grocery bags looked like.

While I do usually bring reusable bags to the grocery store, sometimes you forget to do so and are left with paying for them. I was browsing the wonderful site that is Pinterest the other day and stumbled across this blog post and and got folding away. This is a similar technique to what my Dad uses to fold up the grocery bags. But these stay rolled up into a almost a pilsbury dough boy crescent roll piece of pastry. Mmm, could almost eat it, couldn’t ya?

All 67 of them folded up and ready to be stored away. Cute looking right? Almost like a decoration. But not.

I feel accomplished. Thanks Pinterest, for finding Polka dot Pineapple‘s blog! :) Now, anyone want to go buy morgan silver dollars for me, for all of my hard work? All joking aside it took like 25 minutes to do it. I watched the very first episode of Napolean Dynamite on Global while folding. Ha!

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