OOTWW and Kalee’s guest post

Hey guys, last week I was on Happy Fit Mama‘s site blogging for the day. Now this week, I’m on Kalee’s site this week talking about CrossFit!

I’m a little behind on the outfits of the work week! Regardless of time, they’re here.

ootwwTomorrow I won’t be doing a recap of my CrossFit workouts from the week because I only went once and didn’t have my car the rest of the week, so I’m going to skip over it and tell you about my weekend instead. That’s much more fun!

What did you do this weekend?

What are you having for lunch?
I’m staving, I need to make myself something now!

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  1. Thanks again for doing a guest post!!! :) It’s great!!

    Also…I’m glad we don’t live close because I’m totally stealing Tuesday’s outfit except my skinnie jeans are a light orange. ;)

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