Time to jaunt over to the spa


Pep pep! Time to jaunt over to the spa and get a facial and massage on my day off!

I had an extra vacation day from last year so I decided to take today off. It’s especially nice, since we just got back from our Quebec City trip last night and I woke up early to pick Alfie up from the dog sitters (which is actually our trainer who is superbly awesome with him).  Today is a day to catch up and relax.

I’ve never had a facial before, so I’m pretty excited about that. My first spa massage in a few years was just in November and it was pretty relaxing, but this time I’m getting a deeper tissue massage to get out any knots in my back.

I’ll try to take some photos in the spa if I can, not sure if that would be allowed or not, we’ll see. Also I want to tell you all about our weekend getaway!

Have you ever been to a spa?
I honestly never go to these places, but I had some gift cards I needed to use up, so I’m usin’ them up today!

Ever get a professional massage?
This will be my third one.

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  1. I receive massages about once a month, because I have benefits that cover them. I’m actually going this evening. As for going to a spa, I never have, but I have had a facial before and I didn’t find it all that enjoyable. It stung and made my face feel like it was burning. I complained and the lady said I was probably having a reaction to the cream she was using. :/

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