Weekend trip to Quebec City: Part 2

Ah bonjour! Part deux of our weekend trip to fantastic Quebec City! We stayed at a small hotel, which was just perfect. Below is photos I snapped on our first day at Hotel Champlain.

We explored the city each night. Couldn’t get over how much it reminded me of Dublin. My Sister-In-Law is from there, you know (Dublin). I’ve been a few times! Random.Old-Quebec-City

Pub St. Patrick, on the street below our hotel.Old-Quebec-City-003

It was blistering cold this night with the snow blowing sideways at our faces. You can sort of see the snow blowing in the sky underneath that building’s lamp. Old-Quebec-City-002

Told ya I was bundled up the entire trip!Quebec-City

Standing next to the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac. Old-Quebec-City-005

European street views.Old-Quebec-City-004

I did a lot of running on this trip. Running to stay warm. Here I am getting a brisk walk in, which was slowly turning into a jog. Quebec-City-002

Uh! There’s a smile! Must’ve been the first day when I didn’t realize I would freeze my toosh off the entire time ;) Quebec-City-004

 What? You don’t do jumping jacks to stay warm? What’s so odd? :) Quebec-City-005

Carefully walking up the street. Slipped a few times. Wearing appropriate footwear during the Winter in Quebec is a must.Quebec-City-003

Little shops.Quebec-City-007

Couldn’t sit on this to watch a bit of tele! What a sweet ice chair, hey?Quebec-City-006

Beautiful shopping area in the downtown core. Quebec-City-008

Some side street near our hotel.Quebec-City-0010

I found a tunnel!Quebec-City-009

Hotel Frontenac, you can be seen everywhere! What do you think people would’ve thought in the 1800’s when they saw this magnificent building? Quebec-City-0011

Postcard worthy…Quebec-City-0012

Au revoir! Until next time Bonhomme! Stay tuned for my final Quebec City re-cap.Quebec-City-0013

View part one of our Quebec City trip.

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Time to jaunt over to the spa


Pep pep! Time to jaunt over to the spa and get a facial and massage on my day off!

I had an extra vacation day from last year so I decided to take today off. It’s especially nice, since we just got back from our Quebec City trip last night and I woke up early to pick Alfie up from the dog sitters (which is actually our trainer who is superbly awesome with him).  Today is a day to catch up and relax.

I’ve never had a facial before, so I’m pretty excited about that. My first spa massage in a few years was just in November and it was pretty relaxing, but this time I’m getting a deeper tissue massage to get out any knots in my back.

I’ll try to take some photos in the spa if I can, not sure if that would be allowed or not, we’ll see. Also I want to tell you all about our weekend getaway!

Have you ever been to a spa?
I honestly never go to these places, but I had some gift cards I needed to use up, so I’m usin’ them up today!

Ever get a professional massage?
This will be my third one.

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