I eat McDonalds and STILL stay fit…

FAQ’s answered!

Candi asks: How do you balance eating McDonald’s and staying fit? hahaha every girl needs to know this.

McCafe-personalized-mugMy McCafe mug that I got from SCCTO!

McDonaldsA trip to McDonalds last Sunday night. The meal isn’t all mine. I had the little burger, and the fries.

McDonalds Manicure at SCCTOGetting my nails done at McDonalds!

mcdonalds-coffeeMcDonalds taking a sip of the boyf’s McCafe coffee last winter.

My answer:
I’m actually a pretty picky eater at McDonalds. My orders aren’t as high calorie as some of the items on the menu. For instance, the only things I like to eat there is:

  • Plain double cheeseburger without the extra patty (not the sesame seed bun one’s – but the flat almost squished looking buns)
  • 6 piece Chicken nuggets
  • French fries!!!

Occasionally I’ll grab a snack wrap, or a jr chicken. But that’s about it. Drinks on the other hand – omg my mouth is watering just thinking about it:

  • Chocolate milk shake
  • Root Beer
  • Vanilla sundae with caramel sauce and nuts

Plus. I don’t have McDonalds as often as I would like. If I notice that I’m getting a little more chub around my waist, I take a step back in eating and start bringing my lunches with me at work. lol. That’s the lamest answer ever. But it’s true!

We never eat out for supper (it’s seriously a rare treat that we do go out for supper). So it’s only lunch time’s that I eat “bad” and even then, it’s infrequent. I’m also naturally a thin person. I have my Father’s build (long and lean) and really love to stay active and fit, so I suppose that definitely helps.

My honest answer. As always. Not as technical as I’m sure as most would like, but hey. It’s what you get over here.

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  1. I really and truly think that McDonald’s can be a part of a healthy lifestyle. I know many (not you obviously) would disagree. But if you are active and eat healthy foods most of the time, those fries and that burger are not really that bad.

    I don’t love the place – but they make a darn good breakfast sandwich (especially in Canada – where it is an actual whole egg and not something from a powder or a carton).
    Kristen recently posted..a good runMy Profile

  2. We eat at McDonald’s maybe once a year. I think everything is good in moderation and it’s so true. People look at me like I’m crazy if I get a deli sandwich at work…hey, I like it and as long as I’m keeping myself in check and not going crazy with a pint of ice cream at night I don’t see what the issue is.

    Now I want something from McDonald’s….thanks! lol
    Dawn recently posted..New Recipe and My Super Adorable GrandsonMy Profile

  3. LMFAO!!!!! Getting your nails did at McDonalds! That’s new!! I wouldn’t be surprised in a couple of years in McDonalds came out with a drive through nail salon! LOL – Wait, how would that even be possible??

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