Are hair extensions weird?

Do you think hair extensions are weird? Honest answer. All my readers comment and vote, and not just the one’s interested in beauty!

The first time I heard about hair extensions was on YouTube. I thought it was the strangest thing, and thought only a select few people wore them. So many questions raced through my brain:

  • What if they fell out?
  • Can you tell that they look fake?
  • Would you judge me? lol
  • Will it be damaging?
  • How long do they last?
  • How much are they?

halohairextension1Rach from Pink Peonies wears them. Look how natural they look!

The reason why I’d rather clip in, than spend $500 + hours in a salon to have them sewn in, is because I may regret them, feel them in my hair and freak out. Plus, I don’t know how to care for them if they’re permanently attached to my head.

The after a few years of watching countless people show the world how to clip them (or “install them” as I like to call it) into their own hair, and blend them in — I’m sucked in. I kind of want a pair. Who knows if/when I buy a pair, wilL I actually have the courage to leave the house with them on. Everyone knows what style my hair is, and how little of it I actually have. Walking into work with a full head of hair down to my hips would definitely look odd.

But before you say no. Let me give you something to think about. You can dye them. You can style them to blend with your hair. I’d bring them into my hair stylist and clip them in, and ask her to cut them to an ideal length (1-3 inches longer than my natural hair). Seems okay, right?

These are the two companies I’ve heard good things about:

I actually contacted a rather unknown company a few years ago, presenting the perfect hair candidate (ie: ME…) since I do have fine hair that doesn’t seem to like to grow past a little bit beneath my shoulders. Hello right? I, as you probably would’ve guessed, got denied. I didn’t really think anything of it, since that comes with the territory. Plus, I don’t really film YouTube videos anymore. But I do blog!

Anyway. What I’m getting at is that I’ve done my research and I’m kind of looking at getting a set of … fake hair… for myself. God, just typing that grosses me out.

Let me know in the comments, what you think of them! Honest answers appreciated!

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  1. My sister has a clip in pair of real hair extensions. She had it dyed at the salon to match her hair and you can’t tell at all that it’s a clip it, since it’s real hair. She’s able to use a curling iron or straighten on it and washes it as well. I think they are awesome. I would totally get them to add volume and length, especially after watching the halo videos. Awesome!
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  2. WANT, want!
    Id get them in a heart beat.
    in fact, i have had them.
    5 Years ago, before they were all the rage, and before i did my homework… i had wefts sewn into my hair ( they braid tiny rows of you own hair accross your head horrizontally, then sew in the strips of “fake hair”) it hurt, because the braids were so tight, and sleeping on them felt like a pillow full of marbles. also, it was not Remy hair ( all the folicles going in the same direction ) so it looked rather frizzy and matted at times..
    I also had 2 Jessica Simpson “Hair DO” clip in weaves. they were nice, and blended pretty well, but were synthetic. so, i could not style them at my own ease.
    I want another set. Must be Remy real human hair, and either loop and lock, or fusion.
    Id do it in a second! if i had an extra $200-500 in my pocket. !!!!!!
    Nancy, we shoudl source a stylist privately ( cheaper) and try and get a bogo deal, lol!

  3. I’ve had sew ins and fusions twice. I had terrible luck with them . They are awesome for about a month then they start slipping out on me.

    Not worth the money imo. Now i just use clip ins. Less maintenance.

  4. I had a close friend who had clip in hair extensions, and they looked great! If you do your homework and spend a decent amount on them I say go for it. Definitely take them in to your hairdresser to get the color matching and get them cut so they blend well.
    I remember a night after the bar, we came home and for some reason we had to wash them right when we got home. So we are a little intoxicated washing these hair extensions and her bf walks in…. lets just say he was very confused and kinda grossed out. We had a good laugh.
    Good luck with your search, and let us know when you end up going with!!!

  5. I definitely don’t think extensions are weird, I just don’t need them on my hair. Though I have to say, getting some fun colors (or getting blonde to dye fun colors) would be a good idea in my case.
    I would probably go for the clip-in variety that are so popular right now, simply due to cost, time, and ease of care.

  6. I actually think you have gorgeous hair… it was the first thing I noticed about you.. Of course I was a hair stylist so I’m in love with hair…

    I have fake hair that snaps in. I only wear it on special occasions. I always feel smothered though. I recently cut off most of my hair which is why I bought some…

    Get something decently priced for fun but be careful because it does rip on your hair…
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  7. I’ve had them multiple times. Once I had pink and purple bonded individual ones that I wasn’t too fond of. Other times I’ve had a double pack of balmain remy 24″ wefts “taped” in and I loved those. I also have had a single row of 18″ taped in too for a little volume. Obviously more hair is more upkeep and more work but I really loved having mine in as long as I had time to devote to taking good care of them. I will warn you though that you can get headaches from the weight of the hair. Also when it gets wet it is a shock at how much heavier your head is, lol.
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    Or any from online – seriously.

    Go to a supplier and feel the hair. That’s the best way to figure out what would match your hair type.

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