Etsy rave!

I just found this amazing Etsy store, randomly browsing through just looking for some great pieces for Fall. I had deja-vu when I was browsing through Alicia’s shop because I saw her socks being displayed for sale. The exact same pair of socks I pinned on Pinterest last week, not knowing where they were from. Ha!

Here are the scarves I was debating about since yesterday evening when I found the shop:

I was undecided whether or not to get the scarf on the left, or the right. Ultimately I decided on just getting one, for now — especially since I don’t feel like spending $90 on two scarves right now. Any guesses as to which one I purchased?

Okay here’s more of her items. I love her style. So it’s not just scarves and leg warmers. There’s leather cuff bracelets, head bands, necklaces.

When I put my order through on Etsy, I immediately got an e-mail back saying that my friends can get a 15% off any purchase. Danget, wish someone had told me about that, ha ha!

Get 15% off Three Bird Nest here. I’m not sure when the coupon code expires! But if you make a purchase with that 15% off coupon, I get a 25% my next purchase! Who wants to go buy something right now? :)

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  1. What a great etsy shop. I think you went with the blue one. I am contemplating ordering a scarf from there but not sure.

  2. I loveEeeeeee those socks! I will check out this shop. I love etsy I haven’t bought anything for myself in sooooooooo long I need to check it out:)

  3. ooh i like the blue one i think id look good in both colours but youd look nice in the blue cause of your hair and eye colour!

  4. Wow, her stuff is awesome! I agree, her style is great. Very comfortable chic! I need to stay away from her Etsy store though, until I’m prepared to spend lots of money!
    I hope someone purchases something from her store soon, so you can get the 25% off! I’m a SUCKER for a sale!
    Also – my guess is that you bought the scarf on the right – the green one. Am I right?

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