Looks like I wore a lot of orange and pink this week.

It’s Canada Day long weekend! What does everyone have planned? I hear that The Trews are playing in Kitchener on Sunday. Let’s hope nothing goes wrong during their set up and not have the show go on. Anyway, either way, we may make the drive over there to check it out!

Happy Long Weekend!

Stay tuned for my CrossFit workout tomorrow, I decided I’d post it tomorrow instead of Monday. Bit of a rebel ;)


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  1. your shoes are to die for in every pic and the outfits are too! i love thursday’s skirt and wednesday’s pants, as well as tuesday’s entire ensemble with the white cropped pants and bright shirt. you are very stylish!

    Nancy says: Thank you very much!!! :) Happy Friday Caitlin

  2. I love Wednesday’s pants :)

    And holy moly, do you ever look tan! It looks good :)

    Nancy says: I applied St. Moriz on Sunday and then it came off patchy so I exfoliated and applied St. Tropez on Wednesday evening. I try to only self-tan once a week, but this week I felt like being supa-tan!

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