Le Curler – which one are you?


I love sprucing up my “best” feature: my eyes. As I’m sure plenty of you already know, I’m a huge fan of Make Up For Ever smoky lash mascara. But I never just apply mascara to my bare lashes. Curling them makes your eyes look more awake, look fuller and longer.

I have a tiny tip for you for curling your lashes. Place your lashes in the curler, push the lever and tilt your lever towards the air to crimp the lashes even more. I currently have a few favorite eyelash curlers and I’m always on the hunt for new one’s.  It’s always good to replace your curler as with due time, it doesn’t curl your lashes as much. Then can come in a variety of price ranges too, so pick one up that suits your fancy.

For instance, Lancome just came out with a new eyelash curler product called Le Curler. It’s easy to use with its no-slip grip, which is neat. Plus there won’t be and pinching or pulling out any eyelashes. That can be kind of painful. I know I’ve done it a few times too many with ill fitting curlers. The pads are made out of silicone which will prevent breaking. However, I’m not sure of the price point of the Lancome eyelash curler would be, since I don’t own one myself.

There are a few different feature videos that Lancome came out with. Watch these quick little segments and see what kind of curler you are.

Are you a “First Time Curler”?

Perhaps a Savvy Curler Girl?

Or maybe you’re a Blogging Curler Girl?

Are you a Makeup Artist Secret curler?

Me? I’m a Savy Curler Girl, but I never “walk out” the curler to create a round type of shape.

What kind of curler do you identify yourself with? I think curling your lashes with a bit of mascara is one of the simplest steps in a beauty routine. If you love wearing just a natural face sans foundation and still want a “perk me up” type of look, curling those lashes will do that for you!


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  1. I just received Le Curler today and can’t wait to use it tomorrow! I completely agree, a little curl and a little mascara can go a long way!
    Ps, I think I’m a savvy curler.
    Pps, I believe Le Curler retails about $24-25 :).

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