Another short work week, just like last. It was a Victoria Day holiday here in Canada on Monday, thus the day off work. Which is the day I flew back to Ontario.

Today my Boss and I conducted interviews at the local university. It was a super fun day asking questions to nervous students all morning long, but so exhausting. I have hilarious stories, but I don’t think it’d be appropriate to share on my blog. One person stood out for sure, and not in a good way lol.

Anyway onto my OOTWW:

What does everyone have planned for this weekend? It’s been 30ºC here all week, and this weekend is full of rain. I don’t have anything major planned. Just organizing things at home and getting ready for the next work week. I’ve also been scoping out things like http://www.halltrees.com/ for our non-existent apartment hallway. Having a nice entrance into your porch is just super nice. The one’s on that site are pretty nice too lol. Just sayin’. I think I’m ready to move into a house or something.

Stay tuned as in a few minutes I’m going to be posting a giveaway for my Canadian readers.

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  1. Loved thursday (because of the shorts and top – simple but classy) and friday (because of the dress).

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