This week was a fun one at work. On Tuesday my Boss and I drove to a local university and interviewed students for a position at our office. It was fun being on the other side, and being the interviewer rather than the nervous interviewee. A good experience, that’s for sure! I even learned some good answers to my own questions from the students, ha ha!!! Note to self.

Alright enough chitter chatter. Here’s what I wore to work this week!

(click to enlarge)

Do you have a favorite article of clothing? I certainly do but I try not to wear the piece often, because I don’t want to wear it out, or get sick of it!

Are you wearing green for St. Paddy’s day tonight/tomorrow? I think my Boyfriend and I are heading out for some festivities with his friends. :) I’m ready for it.

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  1. Haha! It’s kind of funny being the interviewer… I’ve held so many interviews that I’ve heard a lot of silly responses & it makes me wonder how bad I sounded when I was on the other side. :P

    I adore your Tuesday outfit & that yellow cardigan!

    I do have a favorite article of clothing –it’s so comfy but still really cute & flattering. Unfortunately, I can’t wear it too often because it’s blue with white polka dots so people would notice. :D

  2. I remember my first time interviewing someone… I was kind of just thrown into the interview so I was pretty nervous too because it was a new experience and I had no training. Can you imagine that? The interviewer as nervous as the person being interviewed! Lol. But once is all it takes.. I find them pretty fun now and I think I’ll do better in future job interviews after experiencing the other side.

  3. I like your Tuesday jacket and your colorful outfits Thursday and Friday! WTG incorporating more color! I definitely have a favorite article of clothing but I’m like you, try not to wear it too too much. I’m not real good at holding back though. I have to rearrange the items in my closet from time to time to keep myself out of a rut, haha

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