A raised issue

I don’t have a skin disease, I’m still peeling from my San Diego sun burn.

See that bump on my shin?

It’s been there since before August.

I assume it’s a bug bite, but I obviously could be very wrong. The night before it swelled up I swatted what I thought was a fly in the bedroom, with my hand. BAM! I didn’t look to see if it died, I immediately went to bed. I woke up with a lump on my shin. I ignored it, since it wasn’t itchy or painful. Just felt like a bruise if I pressed on it.

I wasn’t too worried about it for the first little while until a co-worker mentioned that it’s been there a while. I decided to take myself to the drop in clinic next to my work to have it looked after. The Doctor there ended up giving me some potent antibiotics. I say potent because when I went to the pharmacy to pick up the drugs, the pharmacist said “Wow, that must be some pretty bad bug bite!”. Great.

I took the 5 pills for 5 days and they didn’t do much, except for make me very happy. The Doc said that’d happen, or the complete opposite. I’m glad it was the happy-feeling… but it was really weird.

Friday afternoon I drove back over to the drop in clinic, since it was 4 days after I took the 5 pills, so 9 days since I last saw the Doctor about my leg. (Are you with me?) He recognized me right away because I’ve become a regular at the clinic (since I had an ear infection in July, and needed to go back twice!!).

Well it doesn’t seem to be getting any better, does it? He said.

Nope. And I’m going on vacation next week. Let’s get this fixed man.

I was ordered to get some x-ray’s done on my leg, as well as a blood and urine test. He wanted me to go Friday so he’d get the results that day. I’ve yet to hear from him but then again – it’s the weekend, and he said he’d call only if there was anything wrong with the results. I’m looking forward to any type of news, just so I can get this ugly bump off my leg. I kinda want to cover it up by wearing pants (or maternity clothing) … but it’s summer and I love wearing shorts!

Here’s hoping I get a phone call tomorrow!

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  1. I was getting really bad bug bites earlier this summer, in June and early July. They would swell up and take about two weeks or longer to fade away and they would swell up huge, it looked like I had half a golf ball under my skin. Then it would look like a bruise with the colour and it would VERY slowing fad away.

    I think there is something going on with the flies this year…

    Hope you find out what is going on, or it disappears soon!

  2. weird. I have something that looks exactly the same on my leg, however i wasnt bit by anything, it just appeared and its ever so slight raised but gosh it hurts and is very tender… let me know what the doctor says Now im curious

  3. What did this end up being? I have a 3 similar raised bumps on my leg – two on my shin and one next two my knee, I am a runner and though you might have some insight. Would love to hear the results!

    Nancy says: I have no idea! The DR didn’t know, and it just ended up going away on its own – slowwwwly… :(

    1. @Jennifer: It could be a stress fracture (very unlikely to show up on an x Ray but will likely show up on an mri), or a bad bruise (more likely if it changes color like a usual bruise).

      I write this for anyone with similar bumps skimming this site in the future :)

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