Wordless Wednesday and a Random Fact

College edition part 2.

Good ol’ climbing days.

Where’s waldo Nancy?

Playing card games/drinking games at a friends place. My hair looks super thick. How’d that happen?

One of my best climbing friends, who also reads my blog. Hi Johanna :) I’ve shown this photo numerous times. But it’s still a fav.

Random fact: I dislike mixing my meats. Say a turkey and ham sandwich, I personally would never make something like that for myself. Or even a chicken and bacon. No. Not happening. One or the other.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Nancy is taking the picture. Please don´t waste your time looking for her. I know your parents read this.

    Nancy says: Huh? What do you mean by that?

  2. My parents used to insist on advising me not to drink too much. That’s why I always tried to be the photographer during our parties so there were no evidences of my ¿bad?behaviour. Now I am over 35 years old I have few pics of me during that period. Shame!. This pic recall me that time. Sorry if I was not clear enough or it was not the right commet. Feel free to delete i if you want.

    Nancy says: There’s no need for me to delete your comment. I just had no idea what you were trying to say. I now understand.

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