Tricking the brain

I used to drink a pepsi or coke nearly every day with my lunch. When finally a handful of weeks ago I decided to change it up a bit and try just drinking water. I mean, that’s all your body really needs to quench your thirst, right?

I play a little game with myself. I bring the pepsi to work with me, but knowing it’s there is fine. If I think about drinking it, I feel guilty. Not having it there I’d crave it ALL day long, and probably drink a bit when I go home. You gotta learn to trick the brain. As my co-worker (the hilarious L) said it’s “Mind Over Matter”. Which basically, is 100% accurate. I mean, I know the pepsi is there if I want to really truly drink it. But I chose the water cooler over the caffeinated beverage. My body’s thanking me …and I’m peeing a lot more.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt having it in a cute water bottle.

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  1. I am ADDICTED to diet pepsi, I swear! I’ve tried numerous times to cut down or completely cut it out of my life, but it NEVER works – for long anyway! :(

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