To my friend.

I put off writing about the Haiti earthquake, because I did not know what to really write about. You just don’t know how much you will be affected until you know someone.

But as of tonight, it hits home with me, and I had to just write something. Now I too, lost a loved one as I found out through the modern grapevine which is now facebook.

My first job in Ontario was at an internet company. I didn’t last there very long but I made such a great number of friends, including a fellow Newfoundlander. He stayed with the company a bit longer than I did and ended up leaving and finding a job with the United Nations.

I hate the regret that I have. I haven’t spoken to him since I left my job. I just e-stalked him on Facebook whenever he updated photos of his where abouts.  He too, was home in Newfoundland during Christmas and just headed back to Haiti in early January.

I’ve been exhausted all this week with waking up all hours of the night to let my puppy use the bathroom, and once I found out about James I shed a few tears for surprisingly a lot longer than I thought I would. You will be sorely missed, my friend. James Coates, you were a great man. May you finally be flown home and rest in peace.jameswcoates

James CBC news story. | Canada for Haiti

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