Blogger meetup #2

Bright and early Saturday morning I hopped on the Greyhound bus to head to Toronto. I arrived in the big city a little before 10am, and ended up doing some shopping (and maybe have some ideas for upcoming blog posts involving romantic valentines gifts). But that wasn’t the real reason I ended up going to Toronto ala solo.

Yes, I did some shopping and will be doing a video perhaps this week on it. BUT! There was a Toronto’s Blogger Meetup!! I knew Susan was going, and since we’re both from the east coast, I knew it was finally time to meet her. Yay for blog-friends becoming real-friends!

I was a bit skeptical at first going to a vegetarian restaurant before, since I’m not one – but it was a buffet style and had an enormous selection of foods for me to choose from. Note, I did choose pizza for the first thing to go on my plate. It was the only thing I recognized ha!

Here’s my plate. I ate everything except the thing on the right that I thought was a potato, but it wasn’t very tasty in my mouth. Commensal was an interesting concept. You pay by the weight of your food, not by what is served for you = less wastage.

All in all I think there was about 18 or 19 people who showed up. Megan ended up leaving early since had to probably back for St. Lucia! Jealous.

So here’s our ‘group’ that met up. (I stole this image from Lily’s site. She’s so sweet and friendly in person, I have to admit – I only knew a handful of girls from their blogs, the other girls — like Lily I had no idea who they were. But that’s always fun too. Lily just started blogging this month! Go say hello :)

I also wanted to thank Morgan for planning the meet up and for the tea, also Lisa for the tasty treats!

Here’s a list of the bloggers that ended up going to the meet up, new blog reads for everyone to check out:

Anyway, it was a barrel of fun. I loved it so much, I can’t wait for more!

Question time: Have you ever been to a blogger-meet up before?

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  1. It was so lovely to meet you! I loved my first blogger meetup and am looking forward to staying in touch :)

    Nancy says: The hours just FLEW by didn’t it? I loved the meetup too, it was SO fun. :)

  2. So nice meeting you, you are such a sweetheart! Looking forward to reading more posts!

    Nancy says: Thanks, I loved meeting everyone yesterday. I’ve already added your blog to my Google RSS feed :)

  3. Thank you for Greyhound-ing it all the way to TO for the meet-up! I had SO much fun. I hope we can get together again before I leave Ontario. Just one afternoon of social awkwardness is definitely not enough ;)

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