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Since I’ve switched offices a few times in the last year, and I’m not longer in the “back room” working means that I’m out in the public with my co-workers. This is both good and bad. Good because I get to finally wear my nice work clothes, but bad because my work pants are usually a lot longer than my other pants meaning that I haven’t had time to get them hemmed up at a tailor. Basically, I have to wear heels to work if I want to dress up nicely. By the end of the day my feet aren’t doing all that great and I need a little support sometimes when 5 o’clock rolls around. I have summoned to the fact that there wasn’t anything that I could do to make them feel better at the end of the day besides just taking my shoes off and walking around barefoot. That’s not exactly appealing to the feet, and those around you if you don’t have any socks on — I mean, some people’s feet are just not that pretty to look at, to be honest. Especially wearing killer high heels all day.

Isn’t the packaging super cute too? Love it.

I stumbled upon CitySlips website while searching for flats, since I do wear mostly flats during the weekends to make up for the high heeled weekdays. My initial thoughts were that the shoes itself are actually adorable, well made as in not flimsy, and they FOLD UP! Genius, because all purses aren’t laptop sized! Mine of course, excluded. I always carry huge bags.

Personally I have been wanting to get the black flats, and I did! Three’s Company which is a Mother and her two daughters who are the exclusive Canadian distributors to the product ended up sending me the flats for reviewing.

I was a bit hesitant on the sizing as they just come in Small, Medium, and Large (see below)

I’m a true 8.5, no bigger and no smaller. Lauren, one of the Daughters at Three’s Company mentioned that she too was an 8.5 and suggested that I get the size Medium. When I tried them on I noticed that my heel didn’t go back to the very end of the shoe, so my toes were right at the top of the shoe. So I started walking around and couldn’t get them to feel right.

Contacted Lauren again and I told her that the mediums were too tight on my toes :( She amazed me with her Customer Service and sent me the large in the mail right away! Super sweet of her, since I guess I could have easily done the review with a pair of shoes that were too small, but no — I was sent a second pair, to fit me better! How’s that for something?

As I said, I was sent the large. While I do love the concept of the fold-up show, I really think there should be more than just three sizes from 5-10. I put the size large  on my 8.5 size foot and it felt big. Alas, it’s a lot more comfortable than the medium’s were on me!

What a great invention, fold-able shoes for the end of a long day, or a hard night out partying or even bringing these shoes to a wedding! I know there has been many times where I and some of my girlfriends have walked home barefoot on the pavement! CitySlips are so great, specifically because I’m in dire need of them by the time the night ends. These would be the most perfect gift for a couple of my stiletto loving girlfriends and co-workers, at an inexpensive cost. I won’t be breaking the bank on them this Christmas, and I’ll be loved all around! Seriously, I’m bringing these to a wedding on this Saturday coming, in Toronto. I know my $5 walmart shoes will be hurtin’ my feet after a few hours.

CitySlips will probably be a life saver. Store your fold-up flats into this pouch.

Look at the cute tote bag that unzips so you can put your heels in them!

No barefoot patty around here. You’ll love them as much as I do because one of you lucky readers will be eligible to WIN one of these gorgeous pairs!

But first, you must read the Rules and Regulations.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Contest is open until Monday October 18, 3pm EST.
  2. Open to residents of Canada and the USA.
  3. Comment as many times as you’d like!

Those that do not end up winning the contest? Have no fear! You’ll get a 20% discount off Three’s Company website if you enter the name ‘spiffy’ at the checkout! Madness, how awesome are they for doing this all for you… and me!

Alright, let’s get to it! Enter away everyone. :)

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  1. SWEET!!! That is an awesome concept! The other day I had on heels for nutrition presentation at a high school and by the end of the day my feet were KILLING ME!!! Love this idea! Sign me up…er…enter me! I am a tiny footed gal though…5.5!

  2. checked their website and also for dancing – they seem to be a practical solution….great find

  3. I have never had flats before. These look so cute. lol My boyfriend saw the picture too and said I should get something like that. Thanks for having this opportunity to win a pair. :) I’d like to enter and good luck to everyone else as well.

  4. What a fantastic find!! These shoes are a godsend!! Perfect solutions to sore feet and wrecking the heels on my shoes walking on the pavement downtown. My bunions will be so happy if I win!!! Thanks for the opportunity and I will definitely be recommending these shoes to all my girlfriends.

  5. Uh oh… this is a “comment as many times as you’d like” giveaway??? Lol.. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do 300 ;) comments but I’ll do a few!!! :D

    I never win anything, I think my luck needs to change!!!!

  6. & I’m probably (most likely…) going to be super annoying and comment TONS cause I would really like to win these :D

  7. Love these!! Awesome concept and great for those long nights out!


    Nancy says: Thanks for entering, I love your website!

  8. I LOVE flats. They are the most comfortable things in the world. These look really cute and would love to try them1 thanks for the contest

  9. Cute idea! I’ve seen similar flats somewhere before that were supposed to fold up when not in use, but I like the little pouch that these come with and the bag for your heeled shoes. Nice!! Great alternative to throwing flip flops in my bag.

  10. I loveeee me some flats, I can’t wear heels they are just too uncomfy for me..Then again I don’t like to wear them because of how tall I am already (5’9″) :\ haha

  11. Ya know I just realized I have no idea about where the different Canadian ..provinces?cities? something like that? are! All I know is that my Moms fiances parents live in B.C. and that’s somewhere above me.. LOL LAME.

  12. I’ve never had flats ever…. I dont know why, but I’ve been meaning to get some…


  13. sh sh sh sh shoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss for me!!!!

    lol am i getting annoying yet? i could possibly…. we’ll see :D

  14. Awesome! I wish I had heard about these before this weekend. I have to stand in a wedding tomorrow and that would be perfect for the dance after wearing heels all day. I am definitely getting a pair of them!!! Wicked!! :)

  15. There is no way I can comment as much as you did on my current giveaway…… :( But I will get a few more in!

    I cant wait to draw the winner of mine, its going to be interesting hahahaha…….

    Nancy says: Clearly, I’d like to win lol

  16. My cat hates my dog…. STILL. My dog barks at the cat non stop, the cat swats at the dog……. its a NEVER ENDING CYCLE. It drives me litterally BONKERS.

    This dog barks so much since we moved here, its driving me again…. BONKERS….. ahhhhhhhhhh is your dog like that??? I bet Alfie is so quiet……. ahhh :/

    Nancy says: Alfie is the opposite of quiet. He’s tamed down much more than he used to be a few months ago. But he goes absolutely hog wild when he wants to. Which is usually when anyone is out in the hallway, whenever someone uses the elevator, or when he hears a suspicious noise. He’s better in the sense that he doesn’t bark AS much as he used to but it’s still very annoying. In class yesterday (obedience) he was mental with his barking. Ugh. I guess I just don’t blog about it because it makes me mad haha

  17. “hey hey yippity yaaaaay, hey heyyyyyy” again another song. DRIVES ME UP THE WALL.

    Oh and more dog barking!!!! goody.

  18. I just thought of another possible use – sometimes I go to someone’s house and want to take off my shoes, but worry (probably more than I should, but still) that my feet are all sweaty and stinky. These could almost be like a pair of slippers to keep with you.

  19. P.S. Jeanine I am having a giveaway!! About to post it right now :D I have another one lined up after it tooo, They won’t be as great as your guys’ but hey its free stuff!!

  20. These sound pretty cute, but would never fit my huge feet. Size 10.5 or 11 :(
    If I win I’d give them to someone special.

  21. I’m already wondering if there’s a way to add some handstitching to the edges to personalize them a bit. Maybe I’ll win a pair and can try it out. :)

  22. First, HOLY COMMENTS! 66 of them!

    Second, I actually think they’re really cute for something so practical. Love it!

  23. love these shoes my feet kill me on the daily, but going out I would have a back up and a girls gotta have a back up plan

  24. I like the suggestion about bringing them along when you go to someone’s house. They sound easy to carry around with you.

  25. hope you enjoy the wedding and wearing the black city slips…..they should have come out with these years ago when I was a waitress

  26. Or! I’d love to stick a pair in my carry-on luggage to wear while I’m on the plane. Shoes are uncomfortable, my feet get cold, they’re tough enough to walk up and down the aisles… Perfect. :)

  27. I think it would be fun to wear them in gold, add a tiara, and pretend to be Princess Jasmine for a day. Or as a Hallowe’en costume! (Where oh where is my Aladdin?)

  28. I’d love to wear a pair in pink so I could pretend to be a ballerina. Or Amy Winehouse, except I would keep them much cleaner. :)

  29. ▀██▀─▄███▄─▀██─██▀██▀▀▀█

    Posting as many times as I can ;)

  30. -.▀██▀
    ───.─────── ▀██─██▀
    ───.──────── ██─██─(▒)(▒)
    ───.──────── ▀█▄█▀(▒)(♥)(▒)

  31. Need CitySlips


  32. So cute! I wasn’t going to enter because I have a similar pair (different brand) but I love them so much that I just had to! These ones look even cuter than what I have, anyways! :)

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