Alright, photo post for just three days this week. It was Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday and I was in Newfoundland. I got back on Tuesday and took off the day from work and went back on Wednesday. So here you have it!  I need to start running more to cut down on the food baby I have created this week.

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  1. Liked all, specially the wednesday one. Thursday looks great too, just not sure about the white belt. Friday scarf looks beautiful.

    By the way, you look so happy in all pic. Guess you had a great holiday at Newfoundland.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Nancy says: I’m not fond of the white belt either – but I didn’t have a basic brown belt (only “embellished”) to go with it. Love the scarf too, thanks!! Wait til you see the two pairs of boots I just bought. EEE!

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