Who wants to see my cutie patootie nephews???

Funny side note: I was changing Ruairi’s (the 2.5 year old) pants and underwear since he peed himself, and I asked him where his clean underwear was, or which one’s were his as the two younger one’s share a room and closet. Ruairi wouldn’t answer me and then eventually said to me in a stern voice: They’re not called underwear, they’re called knickers. LOL Oh sorry, my mistake!

They call sweaters — Jumpers, and pants — Trousers. I love their vocab!

I think they heart their Ancy Nancy (the little one can’t pronounce Auntie so now they both call me Ancy Nancy). SO adorable. Their eyes are amazing colors too; you’d think blue would be the dominant color in the gene pool but I guess not? They have their momma’s eyes. Kelan (left) has brown/green eyes, and Ruairi (pronounced Rory with a U sound) has greenish blue eyes.

This is Kelan going a bit insane and me showing him some patience. I have a video of this as well. He wanted to snap some photos on my camera, and I was busy taking photos of him instead lol. Foolish kid.

Piggy back ride in the park!

Ignore the eyes on Ruairi in this pic, he’s blinking. Otherwise it’s a great photo, no?

Kelan wanted to go on an “adventure” so we went trail walking by the house and went exploring, picking up sticks and throwing them in the river, and stomping on acorns to open them up. He had a blast! This is 3 of my 4 nephews..

This photo made me laugh until tears rolled down my face and ruined my mascara, at Wendy’s. I think it’s because he has his shoulders raised up and he looks mini… lol

I wouldn’t dare look at Ruairi as I was eating. He was too funny and making us all laugh. He wouldn’t eat the Wendy’s Frostie with the spoon, he just tried sucking it through the straw, thus the sunken in cheeks and making us all laugh.See on his right hand? His older brother drew a “fake tattoo” on his hands and he loved it so much! It looked like a crab to me, but who knows what it was hey?

This is the 3 of the 4 kids again, in the park. Yay.

That’s all I have for now, I’ll post a video soon!

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  1. Sooooo cute! Now I know why you made the trip, no matter how short to come and see them before Christmas!!! Proud Ancy Nancy :) They are lucky to have you for an Aunt :)

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