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Each week I feature an outfit of the work week post showing you what I wore to work every day. It’s become a fairly easy task since I pick out my clothes every Sunday evening and have them ready for the work week in advance. The less thinking in the morning I have to do, the better. Plus it helps me each week to not wear the same outfit too many times. I’ve been known to wear out sweaters pretty quickly from wearing them almost on a daily basis. Eeek! No more of that here.

I didn’t put much thought into my outfits last week for no real good reason. I find it hard to dress for fall (layering) and everything I’m wearing is black. Ugh.

This is my outfit of the work week from October 4th to the 8th. Click the image to enlarge it to see where all of my items are from. You can view my OOTWW archives too. Have a good day all!

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  1. If you switched tuesdays and fridays trousers it would look more varied… then the blue cardy on tuesday would pop more against the black, and fridays whole outfit would be lighter and the grey would pull throughout the whole outfit from the cardy to the trousers. Just a thought!

    Nancy says: Love the tips, keep’em comin!

  2. Loved thursday and friday outfits. Wednesday cardigan is amazing, but it doesn’t trully shine on an all black outfit. Also, liked the belt and the pants from tuesday.

    Monday would be better if you used a dress with a different color of the leggings. Plus that green cardigan is cute, you should buttoned up or no buttons at all.

    Good day to you

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