Who wants to go on a picnic!

Today is such a nice crisp autumn day. I think a lot of people say that Autumn is their favorite season, and I am on board with them. I like that you don’t have to completely bundle up for winter, some days you can wear shorts, where as others you can wear cute boots and pants. There’s no ice to slip on, and often the trees are still beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red. I think I’m going to pack up a few things into Picnic Baskets one day this weekend and go take the Boyfriend and our dog on a surprise picnic.

I love doing special things for people and having Picnic Backpacks packed up and ready to go on a stroll through the crisp woods or even trails by the house – finding a nice dry spot to set up lunch and enjoy.

I haven’t gone on a picnic since I was a kid. Honestly, tell me doesn’t that sound incredible right now? I want to eat my lunch outside today.

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  1. My mom gave me one of these a few years back and I love it. We use it mostly in the summer time though, i.e when we’re heading to one of the beaches in Gatineau Park, QC.

  2. Oh, I want to go picnic-ing. Maybe I can plan something fun like that over the weekend–surprise picnics are the best. What are you taking along?
    Happy belated Birthday to your little one.

    Nancy says: I kind of want to take along just snack food. Crackers, cheese, gherkin pickles (the sweet crunchy ones), cherry tomatoes… that sort of thing!

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