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The end of any year is always a busy time for me with vacationing. When August rolls around I’m almost gone crazy without taking any vacation days since last Christmas. Well I definitely made up for that, since I’ll be flying three places from August to December. I’m already excited for my vacation towards the end of next month. I’m also excited to see my brother and his family – especially my two younger nephews as I haven’t seen them since December 2008.

Back to yesterdays post where I spoke about taking snapshots of my auto car in all its glory. Before I even had my car bought I knew where I wanted to set up and take photos of it. I know it’s not very girly of me to set all that up, but this is my very first car. All mine. I’m still a bit excited over it all. So here are some of my favorite shots.

I posted some of these pics on the Mazda forums for Toronto and this photo above got a comment: “Ahhh! This baby is asking you for tints!!!” Which is so true. Tinted windows would like pretty nice on this car. Except right now, flights and vacations are more appealing to me right now.

Sunny sunset.

Mazda car ad, at the audi dealership.

lol I look like a lanky alien. I had no idea my arms were that long.

My desktop image at the moment. Don’t judge.

We got back from Muskoka last night and I was too tired lazy to crop and upload the photos. Here they are!

First wave of male 20-29, maybe females too I forget.

I didn’t get him coming out of the water or on the bike – I drove back to the hotel to check out before 11am – didn’t want to get dinged $25 for a late checkout.

Whoop there he goes again.

The run course was looped in a cross, and they had to do it out and back… TWICE. 13k’s of it. I’d definitely mis-count and I honestly thought the boyf miscounted because I was expecting him in at a certain time and I thought I saw him going out for his 3rd loop and I didn’t know whether or not to run after him since he was a way’s away from me since I was at the finish line. Thankfully, someone had his same tri-suit on AND an orange hat. How random, right?

Anyway it obviously wasn’t him and he made good time at his race. He ended up sprinting with another guy in his age group for the finish line. It was quite intense, and we had everyone screaming out for them both. So that was a nice end to the race, unfortunately even though they had the same time, they obviously had to give the higher ranking to someone, and it was the other guy.

Cooling off in the mist tent. Refreshing.

Did some errands, cooked supper, and blogged. Now it’s time for me to relax!

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