OOTD – June 10

Cardigan: Jacob
Tank: H&M
Bermuda Shorts: Mexx
Shoes: Browns

My OOTD’s always look so nice on the camera, but on screen I have to always crop out my face. Shame, because I wanted to show you all my new Chanel foundation. Yes!! I’m going to try it out for a few weeks and then perhaps write a review about how I like it. It sort of smells like sun tan lotion. :/ Weird. Would have never expected that.

I have such a splitting headache this morning. Hopefully the advil takes it away before I head into work :(

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  1. I got the BEST caridgain from TJMaxx the other day and I totally thought of you. It is real thin, gray, and long…LOVE IT! Plus it was $14…I knew you’d be proud! Sorry about the headache…hope it goes away ASAP! :(

    Nancy says: Ooh, I bet I WOULD love it. My new obsession is long cardi’s for sure. You need to do an OOTD :) Also, thanks – I hope this headache goes away soon too. I almost didn’t want to get out of bed.

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