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It’s been a while since I did an online shop lust-list, so to speak! Since I got my tax refund and people generously give me monies to spend for my b-day, I wanted to look around online for some stuff before I go out and hit the stores.

Banana Republic has some beauty pieces as of late. Check out my favorites:

I love layering these sort of tanks under a cardy or even show off with a bit of accessories.

Like this! Except I don’t want mine to have buttons, and I want it to be grey. Why can’t I find one in stores that I like?

I think I found one! Except I don’t like the collar on it. I love the color of this cardigan though. Do you? Lol

That’s where I get all my ideas for my wardrobe. I go online to look at what they’re wearing and what they’re paring it with and I go from what I have in my own closet. It’s like, shopping at home!! Wish I was a bit more comfortable wearing this to work, like a jacket and all? I can’t find a jacket that looks nice on my body. But look at these ladies. They’re sportin’ ’em well:

J Crew is another fav of mine, except I only buy when they have free shipping otherwise it’s retarded at how much it costs to get to me in Canada. Pssst. They have nice cashmere! It’s the only thing I really own from them. One sweater… but it’s niiice.

I could totally wear this to work.

I like this shirt. Hate what its paired with.

Anyway that’s all I have for now.

What are some of your favorite stores to window shop, or buy from?

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  1. I love Banana Republic and how their clothes always look so put together while also being fun. Do you like Anthropologie? That’s one of my favorites as well.

    Have a lovely day! xox

  2. OMG, you are my style sister I swear!! If I could have put a lust list together today, It would have been almost identical. I love that style & Banana.

  3. You know I love Banana and JCrew. Do you ever look at Ann Taylor? It is more dressy, for work stuff. I also have been loving what I’ve seen from Talbot’s lately. i don’t have anything from there, though.

    Nancy says: I stepped into Talbots once. I find it’s granny-ish for me, and all their sweaters are boxy on my body. I do like Ann Taylor stuff, except I don’t know where one is around here. But I sometimes see her line at Winners (TJ Maxx?)

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