Last one!

There’s nothing better than putting clean sheets on the bed, right before you hit the hay for the evening. Right? I can’t wait to dive into the bed with freshly washed sheets. They feel so different and obviously clean on the body. So cozy.

It was a bit humid outside today and since it was cloudy — I was confused. I kept the window to the bedroom open all weekend long. I hope I don’t feel all claustrophobic tonight. Nothing worse than waking up on a MONDAY morning with a stuffy nose from the stupid humidity.Off to bed I go. Last post of the night, I swear. 

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  1. New sheets + Spring weather and windows open = heaven!

    That may be a little dramatic, but whatev. It makes me happy.

  2. The best thing is new sheets fresh from the clothesline (they smell so much nicer than when they’re dried in a dryer). To make new sheet day extra special, I have a bubble bath before bed. I get excited for new sheet day. :-)

    It was really warm here too. We slept with our bedroom windows open all night. That’s crazy behavior for May 2.

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