I love finding new stores

I don’t know how I ended up stumbling upon Life is Short…Buy the Shoes blog but I did and I’m happy I did, because on May 5 — cinco de mayooo ow ow margaritaaaah day. She posted an outfit that she was wearing and also where it was bought from. What the store is like is similar to an Anthropolgie store but with a lot lower prices — it’s called Francesca’s Collections. I only browsed through the site quickly, so I don’t know if they ship to Canadians

Here’s a list of things which I think are cute:

Reminder necklace $18 [ x ]

This whole outfit [ x ]

Kinda love this sweater. Do I have to hold it together though with my arms? I’m not sure if it “closes” properly. It’s so hard to tell since there’s only one view of it. Best yet? It’s $28!! [ x ]

The store even sells cute little jeans! [ x ]

Yellow purse!!! [ x ]

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  1. First of all, I am so excited you commented on my blog because that is how I found yours! Second, I totally love this store too. It’s way more affordable than Anthro (even though I admittedly have a serious love affair with the store), and is perfect for trendy pieces.

    Oh, and I just saw the pic of your car – too cute! When I lived farther north I put my winter tires on too!

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