Fill out that ballot!

I mentioned before that I had a hair appointment coming up with my new favorite stylist for a new cut and crazy colors put in my hair.

Well, that needs to be put off yet again because I received a phone call from another salon that just opened up… and I freaking won a free hair cut and treatment! (Treatment!!???)

One day after my running class ended, I was a sweaty mess and walked back into the gym ā€” in the atrium they had a booth set up presenting a new hair salon and new makeup. I filled out a ballot thinking nothing of it, and they called me on May 6th to say that I had won. How crazy is that? Happy early bday to me, wha?

I feel sort of bad for accepting it, because what if she sucks? I know that’s a bad thing to think about. But you have to understand that I really scope out new stylists years before I end up going to them. I stayed with one stylist that I didn’t like, for two years only to get the courage to go to a new salon ā€” which I did, and I fell in love. Now only after going there just once, I’m switching again (only one time though). I love male stylists, I think they’re the best. So don’t worry Dan! I’ll be back in July!

I made my appointment the same time as I originally had my appointment with my favorite new stylist. Guess I won’t be seeing him til July. Whoooops :)

Winning a haircut, getting a raise, new friends, birthday celebrations. Could last week be any better?

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