OOTD – April 29

Cardigan: Joe Fresh (Christmas present this year. Anyone try Joe’s jeans yet?)
Tank: Abercrombie (from 2007?)
Pants: GAP (last summer)
Shoes: Browns Store (from 2008)

Think they need a bitta polish? :/

I thought this outfit that I’m wearing today, deserved its own post. I folded up my laundry one day and noticed the green cardigan and the tank top underneath were next to each other on the pile and they matched. I paired it together and of course now that it’s warming up, I feel comfortable wearing my white pantaloons. So there you have it. A simple yet (I think) pulled together outfit for work. Voila.

Remember, my contest closes on Saturday!

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  1. Green is such a good color on you!!! :)

    Nancy says: It’s actually my “least favorite” color. Not that I hate it, because clearly I wear it. But it was given to me and I wouldn’t have picked it out for myself, and I don’t have ANY green in my wardrobe. But I agree. It looks nice, hahahah!!

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