How do you cook?

Reading food blogs definitely helps me broaden my horizons in the kitchen. I’ve often mimicked and tried out new foods and of course recipes. If they turn out well and my tastebuds like them, I end up posting them on my recipe site, so I don’t forget what it looked like/tasted like with the ingredients list.

However, I think it would be super fun to go and sign up for a cooking class. Especially if I were on vacation and rich so I could ideally take a private cooking class.

I’ve always wanted to go to LA, so why not google some “cooking classes Los Angeles“, and literally sign up on the spot? I don’t think any cooking class would be a total fail. I think I would definitely learn a lot from the chefs or instructors. A co-worker recently told me to make more mashed potatoes one night for supper, so I could have left over potato pancakes the next night. What a brilliant idea! They tasted freaking amazing and they’re my new favorite left over, and saves me so much time while I’m in the kitchen, or during work thinking of what to make for dinner that night.

I should really jump back on, with creating the weekly menus as it saves so much time and energy when I’m exhausted from coming back from the gym. If I took a cooking classes LA course, it would benefit me so greatly. It doesn’t even have to be while I’m on vacation. Maybe it’ll be something that I request that I get for my birthday. Hey mah, that’s an idea for a present. No more cook books — just classes!

I can’t cook like my Mom does — just throwing everything into a bowl, mixing it and doing whatever and it turns out tasting delicious.  I need a recipe!

What kind of cook are you?

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