Where is the time going?

Not that I’m thinking about even remotely getting pregnant right now. But the forums that I go to, and have grown relationships with Mom’s throughout the years I’ve been on the internet are incredible. So much so that I even considered booking a flight down to see one of my “internet friends” in California. I chickened out, obviously.

Anyway, it’s funny because I feel like I’m prepared to babysit anyone elses kid, but have one of my own. Know what I mean? I’m the most FUN babysitter ever – mainly because I let kids go wild for a bit then it’s quiet time. They think that’s pretty cool. However, toddlers on the other hand can scream their heads off wanting their parents back. You can read up on some Toddler Articles to see why they react this way, etc. Toddlers aren’t so fun to babysit, and I haven’t done that in about 10 years. In fact, I don’t think I’ve babysat a kid for 5 or 6 years.

Where is the time going?

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