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On days that I go to the gym, or have a gym session scheduled, I write it down on my desktop calendar at work. If I don’t attend the fitness class it gets whited out and forgotten and maybe a bit of guilt in there too. But what I don’t like is that when I view my class schedule online, that I HAVE attended it says that I was absent. What’s up with that? That’s not right and I know I attended on January 25, since it wasn’t whited out on my calendar.

It may be nit-picky of me, but I’m not one for a “no-show” and not cancel my spot online. We’re supposed to register online for classes, and if you’re not registered — you probably won’t get in, because the spots fill up fast. Or, if you can’t make it — you should cancel your classes. Which is what I always do.

Just a little thing that irks me. I want them to change it to “signed in” like all my other classes!

Check out today. I’m already absent and the class hasn’t even started.

Sad day.

I guess this is why I’ve been keeping track of my gym progress elsewhere since their site seems to be unreliable for correct information.

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    1. Hi Chelsea,

      Yea it’s a pretty great gym. Never any line-ups for any of the machines. I actually think it’s owned by the woman who runs the building that I work in! So I suppose you could say it’s a private gym.

      Thanks for the comment!

  1. Wow, an online system seems so simple and so much more effective, I wish my gym would do something like that. Mine’s still take a number when you get there. That doesn’t help if you go all the way there for a class and all the earlier birds beat you. I can’t go early if I’m still at work!

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