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I hadn’t stepped into a LUSH store and bought anything until December 2009. Sure, I walked in there and looked at the stuff before. But it’s overwhelming when you don’t know what to buy, what the products are for, and when all the staff are busy helping others. I usually walked out of there pretty quickly too, since the smell is overpowering.

To give you a mini-breakdown, LUSH uses fresh organic fruits and vegetables and the finest essential oils in their line of bath, body and hair products which also happens to be 100% vegetarian, and over 70% vegan. It also contains a minimal amount of preservatives.

You’ll be able to count on the freshness of LUSH’s products as they can be just maybe hours old by the time they reach the shelves, or even your door — if you order online. Fantastic hey?

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Floating Island Bubble Bar: [ x ] I took my first bath in about 6 months (mainly because I hate using anyone elses baths but my parents gorgeous tub. I popped this cupcake in the tub just as it was running to fill up and it dissolved in no time. I hopped into the tub afterward and felt way overheated but extremely moisturized in no time. Not really having oily feeling on my skin either, it was really nice. When I sat still in the tub, the cupcake bubble bath left a white blanket of film over top of the water. I didn’t stay in the bath too long as I felt super dizzy as I ran my bath a little too hot (mainly because I love hot showers, and I completely forgot what it was like to take a bath). I’d buy this one again, as I didn’t have to moisturize my dry skin after the fact. That, or it could be the soft water we had in Newfoundland, as opposed to the hard dingy water we have up in Ontario in our apartment building. It was also such a milky silky bath.


Cinders bath bomb: [ x ] I gave this one to my mom to try out, and its supposedly has pop-rocks in it to make it crackle like a fireplace when you have a lit fire. However, I didn’t hear this at all – I should probably suggest to those who are buying this, if you want the full effect, perhaps drop it in the bath when it’s full and maybe then it’ll dissolve with a bit of noise. My Mom said this one was good and bad. Yes it is suppose to energize you for your day, so probably only use this bath bomb in the morning as it would probably rile you up in the evenings if you’re getting ready for bed. Another thing was that my Mom likes to dunk her head in the bath to wash her hair but she said that this bath bomb felt greasy on her hair and she actually had to get a shower after. She mentioned it was quite moisturizing as she too has a bit of dry skin in the winter, however it did dye her bright white face cloth a bit orange. Not so great.


Mango bath bar: [ x ] I give it a 6 out of 10. It wasn’t that impressive and I had to hold onto the bar in order for it to melt under the running tap water. It was moisturizing and did leave a white film while I was relaxing in the tub. I like to try and be still as possible to see if it covers me with the film. It ended up disappearing pretty quickly though, mainly because I guess I was in the bath longer than the cupcake moisturizing one.  However, this Mango bar —  I was disappointed in it,  I thought it would be the best out of the bunch, since it sort of melted in my hands and smelled delicious. It wasn’t as moisturizing as the cupcake one, but I also didn’t apply moisturizer either. It didn’t stain the water a different color, which I thought it would because of the mango color. Which was a bonus because I didn’t want another one of my Mom’s face clothes to get discolored ;)


French Kiss: [ x ] After taking a bath using this jasmine scented, relaxing bath. I couldn’t wait to fly back to Ontario and buy another couple of these for backups. By far out of the three Lush products I have tried, even though I mentioned above that the first one was definitely my favorite. I changed my mind. This one had such a rich later, and created bigger more luxurious bubbles and I sat in the tub for as long as I possibly good. I found this one a bit more difficult to dissolve though. 98% of it dissolved quickly, but when Iw as in the tub I found pieces and crumbled them into my hands. No complaints though — it was a dreamy relaxing floral / jasmine scent.

I also left these one’s for my Mom to try at home, and I waited until she had the baths for me to write this whole review on my first Lush products.

  • Blue skies and fluffy white clouds [ x ] but the PINK one. I’m not sure why that one isn’t online.
  • Dream Time Bath Melt [ x ].

My Mom still hasn’t used these two products yet, so I won’t be able to review them! Who knows, maybe one of the two products un-reviewed will cure your  nodular acne? :)

Have a happy bath!

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  1. the pink version of blue skies and fluffy white clouds is call the comfortor…i LOVE it and it is by far my fav.

    Also for the bubble bars…if you crumble them up they create WAY more bubbles…and for the bigger ones you can normally get 3-4 baths out of them :) Saves a TONNE of money. I have never used just one entire bubble bar for one bath. they normally get cut in half for the smaller ones and in thirds or forths for the bigger ones.

    1. I smelled the pink version, and I don’t know why I didn’t get it! Maybe I knew I was spending a fortune as it was, and didn’t want a replica ha ha.

      But thanks for those tips about the bubble bars!! I’ll be shopping there again soon, for sure.

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