Fantastic sunny Monday

I feel great this morning! Perhaps it’s because I stayed on schedule all weekend with Alfie and waking up at sickly hours on a weekend. I suppose I’ll have to get used to this schedule for a while at least. We bought a can of wet food for him to try out — mainly because the Vet told us too, in case he ever has to eat it in his life time, he’ll be used to it. I decided to take him off the wet food because — wet food = wet … uh, well you know. He panics if anything is ever stuck to his butt. It’s painfully funny. Painful because I’m the one who has to remove it! Funny because for a split 0.002 seconds I’m laughing at it.

I feel like a new mother, talking about her newborn all the time. Whoops. It happens.

Last night I ended up making a rich and creamy white chicken spaghetti that I actually got the time to post on my recipe page. Make it! Because it’s delicious, and definitely not diets for quick weight loss!

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