Glad I climbed

Glad I went climbing tonight. I was really tired when I came home from school today. I think everyone at school is stressed and pissed off. Everyone’s acting the same way. I can’t wait for this semester to be over with. I’ve only got TWO finals, one which is a written, and one is a practical. Sweet hey. I’m caught up on ALL of my assignments. It feels so weird :)

I think Johanna and I are going to work out sometime this week. I’m going to give her a call soon. I like working out with her, we’re competitive with eachother and push one another to go for more reps and stuff. I dunno.. it’s awesome. I always feel soo good after going to the gym. I just don’t go often, because nobody else wants to really go. I don’t like going by myself. But I don’t mind working out alone. Yah!? yah.

I’m gonna go wash up, and head to bed. I have a fieldtrip tomorrow at school. yaaaaay. :/ Boring.

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