Sleep needs me right now

I’m so glad that I get Wednesday afternoons off at school. I’m really tired today, so I think I’m going to take a nap. Since Trev isn’t answering the phone. I wanted to pick him up and drive him to the College so he could get school applications and stuff. I think he’s asleep. Sleep needs me right now.

I still have a stupid cough. I don’t feel sick, nor do I have a sinus infection. When I went outside for that quick run last week.. or maybe it was the week before. Whatever. I still have a cough that’s not going away. I wear a scarf and a hoody to bed. Otherwise I’ll cough myself awake. It’s happened! I even have 3 blankets. No more can fit on, otherwise I’d die of suffocation. Jebus.

Boring entry today. Sometimes that’s bound to happen. I’m super happy that I’m caught up with school now. No subliminal stress for me anymore! Actually, how would I know? It’s subliminal. So I wouldn’t know anyway. Well.. I don’t really feel stressed, and I’m in a better mood the past week or two. Looks good.

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