I went out to a engineering mixer last night. I wasn’t even planning on going, until an hour beforehand. I had a good time, met a nice guy. Hope he calls!

My digital camera broke. Sort of. The button to take photos, popped off, and I think there is a spring missing. My Mom said that my Teacher may be able to fix it, since she’s known him a while and he’s fixed her 35mm before. I hope he can fix it anyhow. Otherwise I’d have to mail it to Halifax. If it costs more than $100 to get it fixed, I’m going to buy a new one. I bought mine in October 2003. It’s getting old and beaten up.

The boys went camping last night. I wonder how that went. It started drizzling rain a little bit later on in the night. Anywhoo, I’m starvin for some greasy food, to soak all this alcohol up. Later.

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