Somethin’ fishy going on

Something really fishy is going on at school right now. Everyone was in the Mac or the PC labs working on their computers. The guidance councillor comes in, and has a meeting with 3 of our teachers, in one of their offices, inside the PC lab. The guidance councillor comes out, leaves. The teachers come out with red, pissed off faces. They leave, to bring all the students into one room – the PC lab. They say to us: “We’re not allowed to tell you why. But you all cannot come back to this wing of the school at all until Wednesday morning. You guys did nothing wrong. Do not ask us why, but leave now and as quickly as possible. Do not come down to this wing at all.”

Everyone was s**t baked. It was kinda weird. Everyone is afraid/freaked, and suspicious all at the same time. That was SO weird. Grabby Greg’s assumption was that maybe someone did Visa fraud on the computers? Maybe there’s a bomb planted?

Who knows, they’re not allowed to tell us. I then asked my teacher, “If theres nothing wrong, then why do you look so pissed off.” hahaha.. he’s like .. “No, I am not pissed. Just leave now.” AHH!! SO WEIRD!! I have no idea what’s on the go. Anyway, so people are drinking, and going to watch movies tonight. I may join them, I’m not sure yet. Just surprised at all this commotion.

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