Jeans and tee kinda gal

jeans-and-teeJust doing an outfit of the day! Check it out — I’m wearing my Rimmel London foundation (which I will review when I get a chance!). Looks pretty flawless huh? That’s it, it’s officially my backup makeup when I don’t want to drop my dollars on MAC. Can’t go wrong with $7 foundation that will last, well I don’t know how long it’ll last because I’ve only been using it a few weeks and gives me the exact same coverage if not more, than the liquid skin finish. Ahh, skin perfection if I do say so myself.

Tee: Hollister $9.90 (available now!)
Jeans: Guess

That’s basically it. I’m bombin around the apartment with my comfy down filled slippers and takin’er easy today. Preeeeeeeeetyy exciting! You envy me, right? I may think of going to Toronto this afternoon. My BFF is there for the weekend and it’s about an hour away for me (6 hours for her, as she lives in Ottawa). YAY! We’ll see though, after the BF wakes up ;)

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  1. Looking great girl! Around here MAC is so expensive (it’s imported), that i don’t even bother looking for it.

    So, i went to the mall looking for a new purse, but didn’t find one that i liked. It’s either too big, too small or too ugly. Anyway, i did some look ups for christmas stuff. I’m surprised to see some stuff are so pricey! I’m think i’ll need to start some planning. Just to not call it a lost trip, i got two seamless microfibre panties, since i can’t have enough of them. They are like these:[link removed by admin – it popped up as a virus link for some reason. Sorry Aline!]
    What are your favourite undies by the way? I don’t like thongs very much. I prefer boyshorts, bikinis (not full coverage) and tangas (cheekies in VS).

    Almost forgot, last night i ordered this amazing blouse online:
    [link removed by admin – it popped up as a virus link for some reason. Sorry Aline!]

    It was on clearance, do you believe that? Will look perfect with a jeans shorts.

    That’s it, have a great weekend.

  2. DO tell us more about the Rimmel foundation! I use Bare Minerals but sometimes would like the coverage of a liquid. I like MAC but it is just sooo pricey!

  3. Which rimmel foundation. I’ve been using the stay matte lately, it has like a creamy consistency. The lasting finish is too dark for me, even in the lightest shade.

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