Looking back

Who would have thought I’d be missing school? Actually scratch that, I don’t miss school at all— I miss the people. Here’s to good times, and great friendships. I leave you with some photos to reminisce with me.

1This is my handsome boyfriend and I. After our first kiss, but before we were a couple. I went to his Engineering dinner and dance (not as his date) with his friend, and sat at the same table as him. He was not to impressed and would not make eye contact with me throughout the night. Obviously we made up that night, from the photo! ;)

3My bestfriend Trevor and I, still at the Engineering dinner/dance thing. Posing, like we do. Miss ya buddy!

2Don’t know if these girls want to remain anonymous but I blurred out their faces for the sake of it. I can’t beleive I ever looked like that. Tanned with “scrunched” hair. It wasn’t really that long ago. But it seems like forever plus a few years ontop of that. I miss those girls, and really haven’t seen them since graduating college.

fvWow, I looked tiny in that photo. This is most likely when I was climbing pretty hard 5x a week or more, focusing on bouldering and getting my strength up. I liked the way I looked here, haha!! Please come back!


Last summer, hanging out in the city I live in, with a couple of other Newfoundlanders who I don’t get to see very often. Okay, the girl on the left I blurred out because quite frankly, I don’t even know her — I met her once. The girl in the middle is one of my old school party friends from back home who lives in the adjacent city but see one another about twice a year!! Yikes.

me-nowThis is me now. I look so happy don’t I? Compared to all the other photos, teehee. I think this was way back in the chillier months, coming into work half early, for a staff meeting. I see a reoccurring trend with my hair. I’ve been parting it the same way for years!! Whoops. Guess I like a bit of routine?

It sucks now, being in a spot where I don’t know many people and the people I do know, I don’t hang out with and party with. Guess that’s all a part of growing up and getting old. It’s a part I don’t like, and I don’t even feel old. I feel like most of these photos were taken yesterday, and at the same time it feels like light years. I want to go out, have fun, and not worry about anything. I want there to be a madness array of camera flashing at everyone and saying drunkingly to friends “let’s take a picture together!”. Looking back at the “good ole days”…I feel so old lol.

I think I need a vacation!!

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  1. You are so pretty, girl!
    I used to think I liked getting older but I don’t know now. Things were so much easier when you are young.

  2. hey lady, I am having problems adding you to my blog roll. Do you know anyone who has you linked in their blog roll so that I can copy the link?

  3. ah. i, too, miss being young, carefree, partying all night, and just simply being social all the time. but, i also love having my boyfriend, sleeping at night, and other adult things.. like bigger paychecks.. haha. vacation is definitely the answer!

  4. It’s so funny that you posted this, because this is something I think about alot. It is weird–on the one hand I miss that life, but on the other hand, I don’t. I miss the fun, and always having something “fun” to do. And of course, like you, I miss being super thin and in shape! What I don’t miss is the drama that often accompanied the fun, the stupid people who were just totally irresponsible, junk like that. Sometimes being an adult does suck but I think it will be worth it in the long run ;)

  5. Wow, you basically just summed up how I’ve been feeling! Except, instead of starting out in a new city, I’m in the same one. All my university friends moved away after graduation and I got left behind! I miss going out and partying too. Not every week like I used to, but more often than I am now!! It doesn’t help I work weekends either. Ahhh… growing up… I’m sure we’ll get the hang of it eventually :)

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