I just don’t like it

I now remember why I do not flock to females when I am the new person in a situation. Guys are my forte.

I’m still trying to meet a few of the (10+) girls on my co–ed soccer team. Until I am completely disgusted and turned off by their actions on the sideline.

Picture me this. Other team. Quite adventurous looking person with a thick mane of dirty dread locks, lanky and tall defending female. Overly heated since the temp’s were near the 30’s last Friday. Shorts a tad too big for the girl, hard to not stare at her bare bum. BARE. BUM. This girl was not wearing a bra, or underwear to play soccer. Of course, she stood out and was very noticeable. But I’m not one to actually pick on these type of “outsiders” if you will.

The women on my team range from 19 — 45, and the women who I know are in their thirties were snickering and calling this girl names. Loud enough so that “hippy chick” and “stoner” as they called her, could hear! I was embarrassed for them both (the name callers, and the “hippy chick”) she was saying to my team mates “C’mon maaaan, why you gotta be so mean to me? I’m just here having an awesome time. It’s an awesome game” she also said, “Karma’s gonna gitchu!” Which I have to say, is probably true. I just don’t want to repeat the things my team mates said. They weren’t absolutely terrible, but it was just childish and un–called for.

I thought people grew up after a certain age. I know certainly changed! My neighborhood only had boys. Elementary school and Junior High I was a class clown. I became a bit more self conscious of my humor and became timid when I switched schools and went to co–ed. High School I had many groups of friends, but was still shy but a bit goofy once you gotten to know me. I was also bullied by a girl who made me “do stuff”. I was afraid to say no. Then in my late teens I was a sarcastic comedian who told it like it is, whether or not you wanted to hear it. I was brutally honest with people.

Which then evened me out into what I am now.

I know when to shut my mouth. I know when to say funny things, but not to actually make fun of people I do not know. Not to make fun of people that would get offended. You need to know your audience. You need to grow up and know when the right time is, to be playful / serious / sarcastic / goofy. There is a time and place for some things. And some things are just not acceptable to me. Making fun of people is just not cool in my books, and my team mates (there was about 4 or 5 girls) that I just don’t want to have any social dealings with, besides as a team mate, on the field.

And you know what? Of course, the guys were NOT involved. As I was not either.  Time and time again, I proved myself right and I will probably always be this way. This is why I flock to guys when I am a new person, somewhere. Not females.

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  1. Haha, I’m that sarcastic/goofy person too! But I never make fun of people when I know it will hurt them. It’s always silly things.

    But man, that is LAME. If I were you, I would totally pull your team mates aside and be like “Listen, we’re here to play a game NOT poke fun and others… Let’s just play okay?” – But then, I don’t know if you’re that type of person who confronts people like that. I know I am. It just really irritates the hell out of me when I see someone pick on another person. It’s out of line and I just think some people need to be brought aside and told exactly that (of course, in a nice way if at all possible!).

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