My reward

I will be making a trip to my sweet little Asian lady who has an aesthetic salon at her house, if I am successful with this No Buy Month. Way to go huh? Try and not spend money for a whole 31 days and then days after it’s over go out and spend a fifty. I’ve made my appointment for Saturday morning, April 4 for the following, regardless of the pointless No Buy Month:

Eyebrow Wax: $5 (!!!)
Powder Gel Nails:

Not a bad deal, plus she’s super anal at getting everything done absolutely perfect, so there is never any flaws when she does your eyebrows/pedi’s. I haven’t had a pedi since I went home for Christmas, and I only removed the polish just a few days ago, mainly because it looked weird. But there wasn’t ONE chip in the polish. Eyebrows on the other hand are a bit unruly, and I’m plucking them, and flinching each time I do it because I hate causing myself pain trying to get every single hair. I’d rather just someone else RIP IF OFF in one go. But she also plucks some strays after she’s done. I’ve never actually had anything done by her besides the eyebrow wax and pedi. So I’ll be excited to see how my nails come out. As you can see, I’m super stoked about this haha.

I’ll be put to the test next Monday. I’ll be going over to the next city to get my retainer adjusted for some reason (usually every three months or so now). After my appointments I usually go out with my Mom’s cousin, and her mother for some dinner. But this time, I’m asking my Mom’s cousin to meet me at the mall, ’cause I want to check out the new Bath & Body Works store, as I’ve nevvvvvver been inside one before. My room mate has some amazing smelling stuff on, always … and most of the things she’s smells like (lol) is from BBW! Oh, tempting tempting, to break this rule of mine.

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  1. I have no idea if powder gel’s are acrylics lol. I don’t know much about nails to begin with. I just know that they’re always ripped off if I had a few drinks (haha!) It’s so painful. But hopefully this time I’ll be able to keep my nails on for more than 10 days.

  2. “powder nail gels” – Isn’t that acrylics?

    Either way, I had an asian lady to the “powder nail gels” on me for $30 Canadian and it friggen ruined my nails. I got them done in September and it wasn’t until February when the gel stuff started to come off. And they glowed in the dark and stuff…and she buffed my nail WAY too much which is bad for your nails :(

    Never agaain!

  3. Ohhh I’d say you deserve it… Plus, its like necessity.. no?? Okay well, either way I’d say its ok to spend a $50 after not buying anything for a month… I couldnt not buy anything for a month even if I had no kids!

  4. $5 for waxing? Is that per eyebrow? What a great deal either way. I pay $8 for both, from this woman I refer to as Helga the Horrible because it HURTS, but she gets it done right!
    I love the look of acrylics (or powder gel), but I hate how my fingers hurt for the first few days after getting them on. I wore fakes for a couple of months, and my nails were paper thin when I had them removed! Upkeep is easier with the fake ones though!!

  5. That sounds like a wonderful treat for yourself! And it sounds like a great deal. I was looking into getting my eyebrows waxed cause plucking gets so annoying. I’d like to get my nails done but last time I did I only kept them for about 8 days, cleaning and stuff ruins them so quickly. :'(

    Good luck when visiting bbw, personally I think so much of their stuff is strong. ;x

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