Not so chronic complainer

Monday morning before work, I had my chiropractor appointment for my regular bi–weekly adjustment. I finally had my first complaint with pain.

As an avid soccer player, and a quite petite build for it, I get beaten down fairly easy. This doesn’t mean that I fall all over the place when I’m running past the defenders. It simply means that I probably have been going a bit hard the last few weeks as we’re now in the play–off’s and it’s a round robin type thing rather than the latter as we busted our asses off to stay in first place the whole season.

I ended up playing Thursday night at 6:30 (finally an early game) and the past two weeks I’ve been taking it easy on my already hurting right ankle (Okay, not really the ankle — It’s like a tendon where my shin meets my foot). He suggested that I do not put it in an ankle brace, or wrap it. Just continue to stretch it and ice it after games if I do hurt it again. I’m not  even really sure how this ankle pain all started. The two indoor leagues that I play on are two completely different surfaces and sizes. I remember it hurting when I was playing a really tough game and a bunch of times I ended up colliding with a player on the other team, with the ball in between both of our feet. You know how that can hurt! Soccer is really a rough sport, I gotta say. I’ve taken down a few players myself as shocking as that may seem. I also got my first bloody nose (in my life) during the 2008 outdoor season. It was a funny moment to be honest. At first I was like OHH F NO, and got scared and ran off the field. Though, it didn’t hurt, I just remember getting out my blackberry and tiling my head back and typing as fast as I could to my boyfriend telling him all about it, as exciting as that may have seemed. First bloody noses are “coooool” lol. Thankfully, it didn’t bleed for THAT long and I got back on the field quickly.

I’ll get to really rest it for about 5 or 6 weeks when these two indoor leagues end in April, so I can be all ready to go, when the time comes in late May to start our outdoor season.

Tomorrow we’ve got an early game as well: 6PM. Well, I’m off to do my taxes on a Saturday afternoon.

Later all!

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