All moved in

So! I am all moved in and unpacked. Slept in my brand new double bed for the first time last night, and had the best sleep ever. Headed over to Home Outfitters on Saturday (Grand Opening Day!) and bought two sets of sheets, 1 regular summer set, and 1 set of flannel…mmm cozy for those cold winter nights. It’s kind of weird living with someone you don’t know – but the girl is really friendly, and giving. She had some extra furniture & loaned it to me for the meanwhile. We watched Desperate Housewives together last night. Soo glad she likes that show too. I missed last weeks, so she informed me on what happened last week.

Anyway, just writing a little note to let people who read my site know whats going on lately. I’m off to relax for the rest of the night!

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