My own place!

I’m moving into my own place, on Saturday! I bought myself a double bed earlier this week and it’s going to be delivered at the townhouse this weekend. How sweet it is. I’ll have a room mate, who is an unemployed teacher looking for a job. It’s her parents house that they bought for her siblings and her while they were all going to Uni. So it’ll just be the two of us living there for the first little while, until a makeup artist/wedding planning from New Jersey comes up. SWEET. Makeup tips! haha. I don’t have much to pack up, as I don’t own any furniture. So it will only take 1 car load to get me moved.

I was feeling lazy last night and decided to skip soccer, even though I love love love it. Deprevateion of sleep got the best of me. Also, I was kind of in a cranky mood and didn’t feel like moving much. So, I popped on the Desperate Housewives Show that Scott got for me (I’m two episodes behind! Don’t ruin anything!) and watched that in bed. Mike woke up! YAY. Boo for blonde chick (I forget her name). Oh man I gotta tell you though, there’s this one girl at work who is a clone Bree. No kidding. She just totally reminds me of her, in her actions. It’s kinda creepy too, but fun. haha.

I hate how my MCP (health card) is only good in Ontario for 3mths. It sucks, since I have to go out of town into close to where Scott lives, to get an OHIP card. Ugh, I’m going to have to take an unpaid day from work to get myself one of those. I need to do that fast. My skin is like garbage up here. My eczema is getting really bad & it shows up in different places each year. This time, on my hip! Ouch.

I’m still learning CSS. I haven’t quite wrapped my head around includes, and linkrel things. I know how to code it, and I know you separate css from your html document, and how to call div’s & stuff, I just don’t know what to do with the includes yet. I’m going to be super happy once I learn all this. Seeing my co-workers design AND code a layout in a day is fantastic. I get so excited! Sometimes when I’m taking a break from working, I look at this website that I found and get some neat tips.

Ooh, not sure if anyone noticed, or cares for that matter since it’s only a minor highlight on the site. But I updated the “view calendar” on the right rail of the main page. Woot woot.

Alright, I’m gonna find some eats for myself. My stomach lining is raw. Vivid picture, ain’t it!

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