Banff Film Fest

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is happening this weekend. I remember, this time last year it was held. I didn’t attend either Saturday or Sunday, because I was working a V4 boulder problem. I got it, that Sunday. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so good, achieving something before. I think that’s always going to stick in my head, whenever I hear Banff Film Festival. Working that V4. I went to the climbing gym tonight, to pick up my tickets. I ran into a couple of buddies of mine, and had a quick chat. I think I’m going to start working out with Joe again. Need activity.

Dave, my host at the0ry has taken down his little space on the interweb and is now running his own webhosting services, for those who will want one. Go check him out.

I was in the worst kind of a mood today. I didn’t talk to anyone for more than 5 minutes. Scott knew something was up, and he called me. Frig man, he makes everything so better. I love it. We talked for a half hour or so, but then we both had to go do stuff. <3 He’s awesome. I need to book my FLIGHT!

Have to go work on a childrens website, for my work-terms employer’s client now (mouthful!?) bye!

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