It definitely doesn’t seem like the weekend to me at all. I woke up 7:00A this morning and almost got out of bed, until I realized it was Saturday morning. I was wide awake for awhile, just laying in bed, trying to decide if I should wake up and do stuff. I had nothing to do today, so I tried to go back to sleep. It worked :) For some reason I always jump out of bed when I think I slept in too long. This morning, that time was 11A. I didn’t do very much today, I color corrected some pictures I took for my work-term, and I might head into school to work on my threedreamweaver assignments already. This is how far behind you get, if you missed a half day at school! Thursday morning, I met with my work-term employers and I missed so much work already. I’m going to be ontop of things before next week starts. I’m super glad my boss isn’t a morning person either, or so it seems. She told me to meet at her house at 10A on Monday morning, phewf! Monday and Tuesdays I’ll have an extra 2hrs of sleep. Waking up 9A rather than 7.

Lis, the boots I’m wearing in the picture to the left, is my Sister-in-Laws. They’re Tommy Hilfiger and she got them in Dublin.. ahha, oy.

Got a few e-mails from two of my friends living in Alberta at the moment. One friend of mine (a climbing buddy), quit her job up there and is now accepting a job here in town!! I’m soo glad, we only saw eachother once a year (Christmas), after she moved away – and now she’s moving home, next month!! My other friend Johanna (another climbing buddy), is coming home for 2wks next month! I don’t know if I can handle this excitement :D

Trying to find out when our midterm break is, this semester. I need to book a flight to Ontario. I want to have something to look forward to, rather than getting in a routine rut during the middle of winter, with nothing to look forward to once it’s all done. Though, in April; we have a 15 day semester break. You can betcha dollar now, that I’ll be up with Scott as much as I can during that break. Huzzah!

My Dad’s birthday is tomorrow. I should clean up my basement. Gotta vaccum and dust, and maybe move my couch some place else since it’s covering the heater and my fingers and toes are chilled.

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