Clean sweep

I did a clean sweep on basically everything today. I deleted a bunch of people off my live journal, and messenger, and e-mail. It’s a good feeling. I figure, if I try and stay in contact with people, and they don’t contact you back, there’s no friggen point in keeping them in my contact list, collecting dust. Frig that man!

Alright, sweet deal. Learning Dreamweaver is SO awesome. It was incredibly frustrating at first, since our teacher likes to mess with our brains. Today, he gave us three complicated websites to complete within 2hrs. At the end of class when not ONE person had completed just one of the sites he told us that, he just wanted to see how we handled stress!! HAHA i’m definitely the worst, “TEAAAACHHERRRRR!!!!! HELP!” haha..

My Dad’s birthday was a few days ago. It was cute, I gave him some yummy godiva chocolates (since I’m pretty broke at the moment). He loved them, he offered me some, and it took everything in my body to resist!

Stef and I were supposed to go running around the university’s indoor track today. But everything got all complicated and somehow we didn’t make it. I need something active to do, during the winter. Since Soccer has been cancelled, I don’t know what to be at. Climbing is an option, but I’m bored of it. I have a free months pass for heaven sakes. Wtf hey?

I’m hanging out with some awesome people tonight. Keith and Annette are friends of mine, and I haven’t really seen them in a year. They’ve been home for 2wks, but somehow we haven’t been able to get in contact – whatever, that doesn’t matter now. All that matters is that we get to hang out again, and I’m very excited. I haven’t done anything for a LONG time, social wise. It’s good though, I’m definitely a homebody. I just can’t wait to be graduated, and get a job in Ontario. I’m starting to look for work already. I also have a few people besides Scott in Ontario, that I can ask for advice as to where to get an apartment, and .. I dunno. Just stuff like that. This is crazy! It’s nerve wracking, but so thrilling at the same time. I’m not really nervous yet, but I’m getting anxious. I want to move out and get out there on my own. :)

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