OOTWW + Birthday giveaway winners

Wow. This month of May has been a world-wind of blog posts. I’m going to slow down in June, maybe. I want to get back into regular blogging about fitness and food more. I’ve been eating “clean” (meaning no fast food for a while, and more veggies. Even though I kinda want to dig into all of the sharis berries 30 birthday gifts lol) for the past few weeks and I feel great.Time to incorporate that into my blog. Similar to what I did this week with mostly food posts for the Wordless Wednesday post? Did you like that?

I’ve also found a new self tanner that I’ve been loving more so than my expensive bottle of St. Tropez. I’ve gotten a request to do a video about it. But I’m more comfortable writing blog posts than I am filming myself on video.

Please read my previous blog post and help out in any way if you can: Up Side Down Charity Golf Tournament on June 12, in Baden Ontario.

Until then, I’ll leave you with my OOTWW. I unintentionally wore a lot of white this week. Can you believe that this is my 89th outfit of the work week post!? Holy cripes.Enjoy your weekend. I’ll be blogging about my CrossFit workouts that I did this week, coming up on Monday. Guess how many times I went! :)

p.s: Did everyone who won prizes from my Birthday Giveaway, receive their prizes? If not, please let me know!

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Up Side Down Charity Golf Tournament

I’ve never asked my readers to help me out in any sort of way, but I wanted to ask of you something for my dear friend Karl! Please keep reading.

Karl and I have known each other for a few years. We met when he was displaying his companies products to sell in the building I was working in, at the time. I spotted the cool pens, and immediately started chatting away. I realized that week that we attended the same gym. Karl is just as silly as I am and we always are at the same work events. In fact, will I see you next Thursday at the BBQ Karl? :) He also calls me Milk Shake Girl / Candy Girl. Gotta say, it’s pretty appropriate. I love milk shakes. Candy. Popcorn for supper. You name it.

Karl has organized the Waterloo Down Syndrome Golf Tournament, and is still looking for hole sponsors, players & donations.

Join the Waterloo Regional Down syndrome society June 12 2012 at Foxwood Golf Club, Baden Ontario and celebrate the Up Side of Down syndrome. The 2011 event raised just over $7000 for bursaries that assist the families with Speech & Language, Physio and Occupational Therapies.

I would appreciate it if you could help him out if you’re in the area and would love to participate or donate to the charity itself. If you can, please e-mail him directly at karln@promotionalelements.com.

You can register and pay on the WRDSS website with MasterCard or Visa. Click to enlarge sponsorship levels below:

All proceeds go to helping our children young and old to reach their full potential.

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