What I Ate Wednesday #6

What I Ate WednesdayLooks like I’m keeping up the regular schedule of blogging every four months about what I ate on a Wednesday.

Keep reading until the end of the post because I’ll be showing you a bit of a grocery haul and a giveaway for you guys!

daily-choresThings are pretty low key around here today. I’m going to start off by doing my daily chores, and maybe finish the rest of the chores for the week. I have this thing stuck to my fridge, so I can keep myself on a schedule with regards to upkeep on the house. Not everything is marked, but it gives me an idea of what I should do each day. Does anyone else do this sort of thing? I mean, if I don’t keep a list for myself, some parts of the house become dustier or messier than the rest.

Onto What I Ate Wednesday (except, it’s what I ate on Tuesday).

WIAW-EggBagel8:30 // A toasted everything bagel with 1 egg scrambled with fresh mushrooms and tomatoes topped with spinach, cheese and mayo. On the side I added some fresh grapes, a banana and a glass of orange juice.

WIAW-January11:40 // Lately I have been on a hot water with lemon kick. At first I thought it would taste disgusting, but for someone who loves a lot of sugar in her cup of tea in the morning, I have to say — the hot lemon water is good enough to have more than once! Oh, and more grapes. Gotta eat them while they’re fresh man!

WIAW-snackwater3:15 // It’s midday snack time! I tend to gravitate to raw nuts, and whatever else is on hand. This time being snap peas and homemade cheese crackers that taste like goldfish crackers, so that’s what you see on the side. They’re pretty good, but a little annoying to make as my food processor is tiny.

WIAW-Stir-Fry8:00 // Ever since moving to the USA I have been on the hunt for VH Sauces, apparently it’s Canadian. I love a good sweet ‘n sour chicken stir fry, so while I was home in Newfoundland I asked my Mom for her recipe. Of course homemade tastes better, is cheaper and much healthier for you. The stir fry isn’t all that colourful, thinking back I should have added a different coloured bell pepper, and added in some broccoli. Next time.

I have a specific time that I like to grocery shop, it’s around 10-11am, after the morning commuter rush and right before lunch time. I tend to hit up a couple of my favourite grocery stores rather than doing all my shop at one. I mean, the deals are everywhere and never at the same one store. Trader Joes, Sprouts, and Smart & Final are my go-to. Mainly because they’re all in the same plaza and I feel like the larger chains (Safeway or Lucky) are more expensive. So, I did my weekly grocery shop yesterday and picked up a bunch of stuff. Most of it was from Sprouts because I was supposed to go to one of their store’s grand openings up in Daly City. But I was still ‘stuck’ in Canada with the weather when it was going on.

Jessica introduced me to Sprouts when I first moved to California in February. Since I was tagging along with her on a daily basis for over a week while she was driving me around looking for places to live, it was inevitable we’d go grocery shopping together. Sprouts is basically the place where I grab the freshest produce. At times, it can be fresher and cheaper than the bargain bin grocery store that I frequent. Cha-ching.

I was given a $25 Sprouts gift card to spend there, and here’s what I got (for $39 in total): Sprouts-haul

What I picked up at Trader Joes:Trader-Joes-Haul

Do you have a Sprouts Farmers Market near you? If so, enter to win a $25 gift card below!


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What I Ate Wednesday #3

What I Ate Wednesday
The third instalment of “WIAW’s”! I enjoy doing these, since I love lurking into what everyone else seems to eat in the run of a day. So I’ll keep this going, as long as it entertains me :)

I definitely didn’t try to make most of my photos pretty today, like that yucky looking pizza shot. It was delicious and I was too excited to eat it to visually style it blogger-style.

morning smoothie9:25am — I made a berry smoothie with Skoop once again. This is a recycled photo from the weekend. But it kinda counts, as it’s the same ingredients.

morning snack10:45am — I made a snack plate before heading to the gym. Good thing I did because I spent 75 minutes at yoga, and 90 minutes bouldering.

Trader Joes sample3:30pm — Swung by Trader Joe’s to pick up a few groceries, always have to stop at their sample bar area. This one was a mango sorbet with a nice little cracker.

Trader Joes Pineapple Juice3:45pm — So thirsty. Bought this little can of pure pineapple juice (no sugar added!) for $0.75 at Trader Joes. Cracked into’er immediately. Refreshing.

wiaw pizza lunch4:30pm — Ate my two slices of home-made pizza lunch and threw away half the mango. It was gross, probably not ripe enough.

wiaw good supper10:30pm — I’m surprised I even took a photo of my supper, as I was starving at this point. The Guy ended up getting home way later than anticipated. So, I waited. My supper was devoured within about 92 seconds. Everything you see from supper is from Trader Joe’s, basically.

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What I Ate Wednesday: #2

What I Ate Wednesday
Is this even interesting to you? What I ate yesterday, put into a post for today? If you’d like me to continue (or stop for that matter) just let me know. I’m trying to switch things up a bit on my blog. Have a variety of fitness, beauty and food related posts. I am TRYING to eat healthy every day with little to no sugary processed foods. Frickin hard man. I love me some candy and pepsi.

Either way I had a pretty fantastic (re: athletic) day yesterday and felt on top of the world. I’ll get more into that on my weekly fitness recap next Tuesday.

8:45am — A berry smoothie. I had plans on making a purely chocolate, banana + peppermint extract. Except when I made it, and taste-tested it, I nearly vom’ed. It was disgusting. I put 1 tablespoon of extract in, and probably should have stuck to 1-2 drops. A lesson learned. Thus the second smoothie of the morning was made after I poured the other one down the sink. This was made with zero ice, so I ended up throwing in frozen blueberries, handful of strawberries and raspberries, filled it with some greek yogurt and milk and that’s that. WIAW Bfast

10:45am — Had a snack before I went to yoga and bouldering. WIAW preworkout snack

2:50pm — Came home from 75 minutes of yoga, and 1 hour bouldering and filled my belly with this delicious lunch. I didn’t want my sandwich to end. I’m definitely picking up more of these. They’re from Whole Foods and simply turkey and cheese on a baguette, but good lord that bread was the perfect amount of crunch to chewiness. Craving it already.WIAW lunch

6:25pm — Feelin’ a bit hungry but not fully ready for supper to be cooked. So I made myself a cup of tea (Tetley! The only way to go) and 2 pieces of Whole Foods biscotti. Hit the spot.WIAW 6pm snack

7:45pm — Hungry for supper. Made a huge chicken salad with feta, mushrooms, green pepper, tomatoes, dried cranberries, and carrots. No dressing, I prefer it that way.WIAW salad supper

10:25pm — The Guy and I went to the movies and saw X-Men. I never not buy popcorn and a drink to share. We had the entire theatre to ourselves!WIAW popcorn

What snacks do you buy when you go to the movies?

What are you making for supper?

Today is National Running Day, thanks to Sheena for letting me in on the know-how. So I’m thinking of going to Yoga first (we’ll see) then doing the longest run of my entire life. Take a while guess at what I’m going to do. Hahahaha. Guess.

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