A Tangle Teezer Update

tangle teezer flatlayThis time last year I wrote about Tangle Teezer vs. Drybar‘s lemon drop. I thought I’d update you on how things are going with that; in case you cared.

To jump right into it, I’m still using both on an everyday basis. Since I don’t wash my hair regularly (I wash it every 2-3 days), I am reaching more towards the tangle teezer to brush in my dry shampoo mostly. But when I do wash my hair, I blow dry it with the Drybar brush. They both have a purpose in my hair routine. I’ve now integrated a compact Tangle Teezer that I received for review. I said yes, because I’ve seen them sold at stores and I was curious as to why they’d market a travel friendly size tangle teezer when the regular size travels just as well. Um and look at the enormous selection of colours to choose from! I stuck with a classic black, since I already own a hot pink one.

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Tangle Teezer vs. Drybar Lemon Drop

TangleTeezer-v-DryBarI’m overdue for a comparison post regarding the two (of three) hair brushes I own.

When I comb through my hair with a regular brush, my hair gets flat at the top, and fluffy/triangle shaped at the bottom. After the Tangle Teezer first came out, I sat back and watched the reviews come in, before I made my decision. I ended up buying one about 2 years ago at Sallys Beauty Supply in Canada. I don’t know whether it was on sale, or the price tag was incorrect but I only ended up paying $8 for it, when it usually retails for $20 or so. I was pretty happy with the discount!

DryBar-v-TangleTeezerI was also a bit stumped as to how to hold the brush, and does it feel comfortable in the lefties hand? A bit of a strange feeling when you’re not used to it. But considering I’ve had mine for a couple of years, I am used to it.

DB-vs-TTNotice the Tangle Teezer’s various height sizes of the bristles?

No exaggeration, my hair is a rats nest when I get out of the shower and Tangle Teezer (TT) is the only brush I will use to get the knots out. The Drybar Lemon Drop (DB) is a brush you can use on wet hair but it’s not as amazing for getting tangles out as the Tangle Teezer. Although once I use TT on my freshly washed hair, I’ll swap it out for DB for blow drying and styling, along with my round brush.

Jeeze, I sound high maintenance! 3 hair brushes?

When I go to Newfoundland, I am only going to be bringing one hair brush with me. I cannot get my hair to blow dry with volume using the TT, so I will be bringing a travel sized Drybar Lemon Drop with me. I will just have to be a bit more cautious with brushing my hair when it’s wet.

This comparison post is difficult for me to pick one or the other being the ‘better’ brush to buy. My only qualm with the Tangle Teezer is that it’s thick and doesn’t have a handle. It’s easy to clean too since it’s all plastic.

Which one would I suggest you buy if it came down to two of them? As much as I want to say the Drybar Lemon Drop, I’m going tohave to opt for the TangleTeezer. Mainly because you can brush from root to ends without issue with the TT, and usually that’s a no-no! I just wish it looked nice (like the Drybar) or had a handle. That’s not to say the Drybar isn’t amazing. It totally is. It is perfect for everything else (it just pulls a little when you brush root to ends) and that is why it took second place. Ooooh :(

Have you used either the TangleTeezer or Drybar Lemon Drop? 

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Should you buy the Tangle Teezer?

The-Original-Tangle-TeezerI’ve invested four dollars of my money in a hair brush that looks horrible but has had great reviews. Meet, the Tangle Teezer. It’s a brush that claims to detangle your hair with little effort. Does it work? Should you buy it?

tangle-teezerI have fine hair, and if I step outside on a windy day, my hair will get knotted. For years I’ve been using this wide tooth comb and while it worked for the time being, I felt like my hair wasn’t growing past a certain length and my hair was breaking easily, no matter how careful I was with the comb. I wash my hair every second day but I’ve been using the Tangle Teezer brush everyday since I bought it.

Tangle-Teezer_All I can compare it to is brushing out your already brushed hair. That’s how easy it is to glide through my rats nest set of locks. With regards to hair shedding however, there’s not a significant change. My hair sheds just about the same as it used to. So that’s unfortunate.

When can you use the Tangle Teezer?

  • Use on wet or dry hair.
  • Use in the shower to distribute your conditioner.
  • Use it when you’ve stepped out of the shower to rid hair of knots and tangles.
  • Works after you’ve applied styling products to damp hair.

The shape of the brush is the only thing I have a small issue with. I don’t mind that it doesn’t have a handle but it doesn’t fit in my hands as nice. But those are minor details. Tangle-Teezer-in-hand

You can see from the photo that the plastic bristles are two length which are thin and flexible. Note the bristles are shorter so if you have an abundance of hair you may need to separate it into sections. tangle-teezer-bristles


The Tangle Teezer is worth every penny… that is, if they made pennies anymore. You catch my drift, don’t you? I think I’m going to pick up a few more as presents before it goes back up in price.

Do you have tangly hair?

What kind of hair brush do you use?

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